“Tammy is accessible, compassionate, and provides the highest quality care and professionalism to her patients.”
– Lauren Flynn, MD

“Tammy is an amazing, like-minded driven and passionate individual in the field of dietetics, I’m continuously thankful to have her as a colleague and I have learned so much from her.”
– Heidi M. Williams, MPH, RD, CSSD, LD, SCA-CPT

“I have had the privilege of being colleagues with Tammy for over 20 years.​
She is committed to helping people achieve greater health and well-being.​
She does this by building relations with her clients and makes understanding each client as an individual a priority. ​
In this world of information overload, Tammy brings an informed, balanced and common sensed perspective to helping her clients.”
– Cristen Luehmann, MS, RD, LD

“The level of knowledge Tammy has as an RD is immense! With this knowledge she has the ability to customize a plan to your specific needs, making your plan individualized, which is very important depending on your health, wellness or fitness goals.​
Tammy has worked with me personally, strategizing on ways to help me increase my protein intake and she has evaluated my husband and helped him to decrease his triglyceride levels.​
Tammy has also met with my athletic teenage son in the area of sports nutrition.​
Whether it is for general health, weight loss/management or specialized health, such as eating disorders, diabetes, etc. Tammy Cook, RD, would be the one to call.”​
– Stephanie N. Bermudez, MS, ATC

“As a psychologist, I value Tammy Cook as a trusted resource for my clients and greatly appreciate her collaborative approach, Tammy brings years of experience, continued interest in learning, and up-to-date nutrition knowledge to guide her clients to a more balanced, fulfilling life. ​
Her passion for helping clients build a healthier relationship with food and their body goes well beyond a meal plan. ​
When you see Tammy, you can trust you will be treated with kindness, respect and expertise.”
– Laura Bumberry, PsyD, CEDS

“I have found Tammy to be an excellent referral for those seeking assistance in addressing needs related to food and nutrition. ​
Her knowledge is evident in the way that she provides comprehensive and individualized care to each one of her clients empowering them to gain control over their nutritional needs that at one point seemed overwhelming. ​
She provides information and support in a way that feels relatable, her compassionate approach allows her clients to voice their individual needs without fears of judgement or shame, promoting lasting and sustainable changes.”
– Jessica Junke, MSW, LMSW

“Tammy is an excellent dietitian. She is knowledgeable and resourceful having had a lot of experience in the field. Tammy is dedicated and committed to helping each of her patient’s reach their individual goals. She has a warm and inviting presence that makes her patients feel comfortable and supported. Tammy has a passion for what she does which truly shows in her interactions with her patients and the genuine care that she brings to each session. Working alongside Tammy is a pleasure, and I feel confident that my patients are receiving quality, compassionate care when referring to Tammy”
– Shannon Gartland, MA, LPC

“My husband and I were wanting to start a “healthy for life” eating program and we enlisted the help of Tammy.​
I work with Tammy and have firsthand knowledge of her professional and compassionate approach with nutrition​.
Tammy took the time to gather a detailed history and provided information and support​.
I would highly recommend her for a new start in one’s nutritional journey.”
– Carin Buchannan, LPN