Tammy Cook
Tammy CookMS, RD, LD, CEDS
Registered Licensed Dietitian
Certified Eating Disorder Specialist
Nutrition Therapist

If you are reading this then you are curious about learning more about me. That’s great! I can’t wait to learn about you, too. I would like to offer you a free phone consultation so that we can unofficially “meet” and discuss possible reasons you think working together might be beneficial to you.

I am a registered, licensed dietitian, certified eating disorder specialist, and nutrition therapist. I am in recovery from an eating disorder, and it has become my passion and life’s work to help others become recovered from an eating disorder. It is important to me that people enjoy food and develop a satisfying relationship to food.

“My focus is on helping clients understand the “why” and “how” they eat. This allows me a deeper understanding of their relationship to food and better assist clients in healing that relationship.”

For over 30 years I have been working in the field of dietetics and nutrition. The variety of levels of care over the years include hospitals, clinics, home health, treatment centers, foodservice sanitation/inspections and outpatient care. As a consultant I provide wellness, teaching and public speaking services. I also have experience in the fitness industry as a personal fitness trainer. Currently being in private practice allows me the privilege of focusing on one-to-one care and small groups.

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As a Nutrition Therapist, I am a registered dietitian with a special interest in doing long-term, relationship-based counseling. I integrate theories and techniques of counseling psychology into nutrition practice to facilitate changes in beliefs and practices relating to food, health and weight.

By utilizing several approaches to meal planning, including, but not limited to, Intuitive/Mindful Eating, Ellyn Satter’s “Eating Competence Model”, Plate-By-Plate model, and the Exchange System, I am able to individualize plans for each client based upon the client’s background, needs, goals and preferences with meal planning.

ADD, ADHD, Autism and ARFID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder) are conditions that can result in the need for a special diet (i.e. elimination of certain food components), and requires dealing with selective eating habits and/or sensory-related challenges.


The process of becoming a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist is a rigorous one that denotes a high level of competence in eating disorder treatment. By examination, the clinician has demonstrated specific knowledge of the eating disorders field. The person has also further demonstrated their professional competence by documentation of extensive clinical practice with eating disorder clients. More information on Certified Eating Disorder Specialists can be found here.


RFT – Responsive Feeding Therapyis an approach to feeding and eating interventions applicable across the lifespan. It prioritizes autonomy, relationships, and competence as the path to nurturing intrinsically motivated eating RFT practitioners see each client as an individual while recognizing the wider social and interpersonal systems in which they exist.

CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on how a person’s thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes affect their feelings and behaviors.

ERP – Exposure and Response Prevention – is a type of CBT that involves the person facing his/her fears and then refraining from ritualizing.

HAES – Health at Every Size – health is a result of behaviors that are independent of body weight and that favoring being thin discriminates against the overweight and the obese.

Meal Therapy/Experiential Therapy – meal support aims to provide the insights needed to replace destructive behaviors with healthy eating habits.

MNT – Medical Nutrition Therapy – is a therapeutic approach to treating medical conditions and their associated symptoms via the use of a specifically tailored diet devised and monitored by a registered dietitian.

FBT – Family Based Therapy


Family Based Treatment (FBT) is also referred to as Maudsley Approach. This is an evidence-based treatment to help adolescents suffering with an eating disorder. FBT utilizes a team approach which includes a pediatrician, psychiatrist and therapist.

As one of only a few dietitians in the area that have received this specialized training, it is important to me that when working with your child and family I am up to date on the evidence-based treatments, enabling me to provide the best possible care available. 


B.S. in Dietetics from Missouri State University. Graduated Cum Laude.
M.S. in Dietetics from St. Louis University. Graduated Magna Cum Laude.


Washington School of Medicine and Graduate Schools
St. Louis University
John Burroughs School
Parkway, Rockwood and Francis Howell School Districts
Southwest Baptist University
University of Mississippi National Speakers Bureau


Washington University Division of Adolescent Medicine – eating disorder and transgender clinics 

St Louis University – student health 

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