What Professionals are saying . . .

“I have worked with Tammy Cook for the past several years dealing with patients struggling with eating disorders. She is very valuable to the treatment team. She has experience and insight with these types of disorders. Tammy has also played a role in helping me train my medical students. I can count on her to collaborate with me to give our mutual patients the best possible care and treatment.”​
– Caroline Rudnick, MD, CEDS , PhD​

“It’s a pleasure working with Tammy. She is a great team member, has extensive knowledge about eating disorder management and is always looking to expand her knowledge base. She is very caring and empathetic with her clients, keeping health and well-being in mind throughout treatment. She is a really great dietitian.”​
– Whitney Nall, MD

“Tammy is an amazing individual! I’ve worked with her treating all types of eating disorders, from Anorexia to Binge Eating Disorder, and her knowledge and skill across the board is un-matched. In addition to her incredible knowledge base, she has many years of experience working in a variety of clinical setting with experts in the field. She serves as a role model for not only her fellow dietitians but also for therapists, doctors and other clinicians that work with patients. She is calm, composed and endlessly empathic with even the toughest eating disorder cases. Unlike many of her peers she is comfortable working with severe mental illness, at times serving as part therapist and case manager in addition to providing nutritional care. Time and again I’ve observed her ability to connect on a human level make the difference between recovery and illness for patients and families.”
– Ginger Nicol, MD, CEDS

“Tammy is an excellent dietitian who brings a wealth of experience treating eating disorders of all types. She understands that an eating disorder often involves the entire family unit, and she relates well with both parents as well as their supporting family and friends. She is accessible, compassionate, and provides the highest quality care and professionalism to her patients.”
– Lauren Flynn, MD

“A multidisciplinary team approach is best practice in the treatment of eating disorders and working with a dietitian specializing in eating disorders is essential to best outcomes for patients. I have peace of mind when I work with Tammy Cook because I know that our shared clients are receiving expert nutritional counseling. I trust Tammy to provide competent, compassionate, and individualized care. I also look forward to the opportunity to work with Tammy because I continue to learn from her. She is an enthusiastic student of nutritional science and eating disorders, and recently completed training Family Based Treatment (FBT). Although humble, she is a seasoned veteran and held in high regard among other professionals. I have complete confidence in her. Tammy makes communication easy as she is readily accessible and often goes the extra mile for her clients. She is ethical, warm, caring and highly invested in treatment outcomes. My highest praise is that I would entrust a personal friend or family member to Tammy without hesitation!”
– Laura Huff, Ph.D., CEDS

“Tammy Cook is a warm and engaging dietitian who truly cares about the well-being of her clients. Tammy is unique in her services as she goes above and beyond the typical dietitian role in the treatment of eating disorders, seeking to understand the emotions and motivations of her clients. She also stays attuned to the latest education and research regarding nutrition and the treatment of eating disorders. Tammy can be counted on as a strong guide and advocate for recovery through all stages of eating disorder treatment.”​
– Lynn Supple, PsyD

“Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Tammy Cook specializes in treating eating disorders across the continuum of care. Her advanced nutrition knowledge and clinical experience allows her to identify and treat the psychological and physical effects of malnutrition. During treatment, Tammy designs Medical Nutrition Therapy to support nutrition rehabilitation, normalize eating habits and help patients reach and maintain a healthy body weight. As treatment progresses and patients look to life after their eating disorder, Tammy educates patients about food, healthy eating patterns, and energy balance to support a lifetime of health, strength and vitality.”​
– Thomasine Slater, MS, RD, LD

Tammy is a skilled eating disorders professional and a valued member of any treatment team. She approaches each client with an individualized approach and goes beyond expectations to ensure that the client and their family receive the best care and education possible. Our clients and staff greatly benefit from her knowledge, years of practice, and non-judgemental attitude.”​
– Taylor Larson, RD, LD, CSSD

Tammy is an exceptional clinician. One of her many strengths is her ability to build rapport with patients and families. These personal connections enable her patients to successfully conquer fears and face new challenges. Tammy treats the whole person while treating the eating disorder, which is truly a gift.”​
– Kate Piper, RD, LD, CSSD

“Tammy Cook has extensive experience working in the eating disorder community. Tammy not only understands the nutiritonal science of weight restoration and maintenance but is familiar with the mental and behavioral aspects of eating disorders as well. Tammy’s approach is nurturing but direct in a way that offers both support and accountability”​
– Melissa Chosid, MS LMFT
“As a member of the eating disorder treatment community I have worked with Tammy for over 20 years. During this time, I have witnessed Tammy provide excellent care for the patients in all phases of their recovery. She is able to meet individuals where they are and collaborates with them to develop attainable goals. In her work with families Tammy is able to provide compassionate guidance, support and direction. Along with her years of experience Tammy keeps up to date on the latest research in the treatment of eating disorders and incorporates this knowledge into the treatment plan. As a collaborating professional she has always recognized the importance of communication among members of the treatment team and keeps all members of the team informed of concerns as well as nutritional recommendations.”​
– Lynn Stark, DNP, MSN, APRN, PMHCNS

What clients are saying . . .

“Let me assure you it is extremely hard to find a dietitian who is passionate about helping individuals with eating disorders as Tammy is. ​

Not only did I find a dietitian, but in Tammy Cook, I found a friend in food. ​

In case I haven’t said it lately, thank you for believing in me when I couldn’t believe in myself.”​

“I have worked with Tammy for over 3 years.​

I struggle with Anorexia Nervosa and she has helped me so much with my illness. ​

She has more knowledge of eating disorders than anyone else I’ve worked with. Her nutrition knowledge and understanding of how the body works is amazing!”​

“People with eating disorders know how difficult it is to trust someone else with food and weight related issues. ​

I trust Tammy with my meal plan, weight and cooking. ​

I love and appreciate her flexibility with my unique situation.”​

“Tammy is an expert in her field. She has compassion and is able to see her clients as people rather than just an illness​

You are never alone in the battle with Tammy. The NFL doesn’t have a cheerleader that can compare to Tammy when she is cheering you on through tough and good times.”​

“You can talk and confide in Tammy and NEVER feel like you have to have the “right” answers. ​

She listens and helps you make sense of what is going on with you and your illness.​

I just know that if I hadn’t found Tammy, I would not be where I am today. I have my struggles and I’m sure I always will, but because of Tammy I can put it in perspective and get on with LIFE!!!”​

“Tammy has been an incredible part of my recovery. She has provided me the cognitive, behavioral and biological facts to help me overcome destructive habits and thoughts.”​
At 15 years old, the world as I knew it flipped upside down as my anorexia began to consume my mind and body. I was confused, scared and angry at the world for handling me this controlling and embarrassing disease that no one seems to understand. Luckily, Tammy was there from the beginning, guiding me, teaching me and supporting me and my family throughout this life-altering situation. As my own, personal angel sent from above there is no way I would be where I am today, 5 years later, succeeding in my recovery and in life.”​
“Tammy gave me strength, hope and faith that I needed to face this thing (eating disorder).​
She is a true blessing and a forever friend that means the world to me.”​
“Not only is Tammy highly skilled at her practice, she cares about her patients at a level that is typically only found with a friend or relative.”​
“I have worked with Tammy while living in St. Louis and have to continued to work with her 800 miles away. Her flexibility, compassion and knowledge is tantamount to none! She has made every element of my recovery better!”​
“Tammy Cook has made a difference in my daughter’s life. Drawing from her years of experience and her own personal journey with an Eating Disorder she understands her client’s struggles. Her compassion and sincerity are evident in the way she interacts with her clients and by the way she makes herself available. She doesn’t just focus on meal plans but approaches treatment by looking at all areas of a client’s life.”​
“With Tammy’s help, I have finally reached recovery.​
She taught me many skills to help my eating to normalize. Flexibility with eating is one of those, as well as mindful eating. Tammy was always available when I needed her. She was quick to respond to my texts and never made me feel like I was bothering her. She empowered me and showed me what healthy living looked like. I would recommend Tammy to anyone struggling with ED. She’s simply amazing.”​