“Her view on food and teaching me how to find food’s appropriate place in every day living helped me WANT to eat healthier, without self-judgement or shame which had so often plagued every meal.”

“I went to see Tammy to help my teenage son. He was eating all the wrong foods and needed to gain weight for his sports. Tammy put us at ease right away and did not reprimand my son for his eating habits, she listened to my son’s eating preferences, his workout regimen and talked to him about his goals for his weight. Today my son has cut back on his junk food, is eating healthier and obtaining his goals to gain weight.”

“Tammy creates an environment where I feel comfortable telling her everything. She understands that I will make mistakes but continues to support me no matter what.”

“I always highly recommend Tammy Cook to anyone looking for a dietitian…I have worked with Tammy for many years and she has been my rock.”

“Tammy has a great gift in that she listens very well to the patient to find out exactly what their needs are, and comes up with an individualized Meal Plan for that person. I find her to be extremely easy to work with and talk to.”​

“Tammy is very flexible, and I trust her.​

She has great enthusiasm and motivational skills.​

She came recommended to me by a very well known physician who mentioned that she was the BEST dietitian in the city.”

“My daughter’s IBS had become so severe she could not eat without pain, but Tammy suggested that food intolerance might be the cause, which was spot on! Since eliminating lactose my daughter has been pain free.”

“Tammy is an exceptional Dietitian. She is highly intelligent and has experience working with people in all aspects of health related conditions whether it be Diabetes, Thyroid Abnormalities, Weight Management, Eating Disorders, etc.”​

“I enjoyed working with her and would NEVER consider any other dietitian.”

“She is a very important member of my “health team” and I do not know what I would do without her knowledge and constant support. Tammy is unique and doesn’t just give you a meal plan and say “follow this” but instead she takes the time needed to listen to you, thoroughly evaluate all your needs and then provides several suggestions so you can work as a team to design a program that works for you.

“Tammy is a compassionate and highly skilled nutrition therapist. Her knowledge of dietetics is vast and her cooking skills can’t be beat!”

“I always recommend Tammy Cook to anyone looking for a dietitian in the St. Louis area. I have worked with Tammy for many years and she has been my “rock”.”