Eating disorders are real, complex and devastating conditions that have serious consequences for health, productivity and relationships.  They affect 10% of the population and have the second highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses.  Someone dies from an eating disorder every 52 minutes. Eating disorders flourish in secrecy and shame.

Successful treatment and recovery from an eating disorder includes working with a dietitian that is certified in eating disorders. Eating disorders are all about the food and have nothing to do with food. The thoughts, and behaviors of someone suffering with an eating disorders are centered around food playing a key role as an unhealthy coping mechanism. Unlike other unhealthy coping mechanism such as alcohol or drugs, a person can abstain while they learn healthy coping strategies. Eating disorders are unique in that a person suffering from an eating disorder is challenged with food on a daily basis. Additionally, most social interactions and family activities are centered around food.

This is when and where the role of the dietitian is an essential key person on the treatment team. Whether you are experiencing disordered eating, suffering from an eating disorder or maintaining recovery, I want to talk with you. Please consider reaching out for a free phone consultation to learn more.


I am recovering from an eating disorder. Everything you are thinking and feeling throughout your journey I can not only empathize with you, but I have a complete understanding and personal compassion for your suffering. You are brave, but you are not alone. Together let’s combine your strength with my experiences and expertise and do this together. It will be hard, very hard at times, but I’m here for you and I promise it is worth it.

Food isn’t good or bad. Sometimes it nourishes the body, sometimes the soul. Find the balance between the two.


The process of becoming a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist is a rigorous one that denotes a high level of competence in eating disorder treatment. By examination, the clinician has demonstrated specific knowledge of the eating disorders field. The person has also further demonstrated their professional competence by documentation of extensive clinical practice with eating disorder clients. For additional information click here.


I am  a registered, licensed dietitian, certified eating disorder specialist, and nutrition therapist. I have been treating eating disorders for over 30 years. My experience includes working with clients at every level of treatment from inpatient to residential to outpatient. I have worked at all three eating disorder treatment centers in St. Louis and continue to act as a consultant. I invite you to check out my testimonials section to learn what other professionals and clients have to say.