Are you an emotional eater?​

  • Do you find yourself eating to avoid dealing with problems or turn to food when you are stressed and overwhelmed?

  • Do you ever feel “out of control” about your eating or have trouble knowing when you are hungry or full?

  • Do you have negative feelings about your body? Do these negative feelings seem to control your emotions and affect your ability to have satisfying relationships?

  • Are you a serial or yo-yo dieter?

Tammy Cook SEE - Skills for Emotional Eating

If you’ve answered YES, then please keep reading…

The SEE Program is a skills group for Emotional Eaters that is based on learning how to tune into your body, relearn balanced eating strategies and regulate emotions that can lead to dysregulated eating. This evidence based treatment approach is presented in a supportive, educational and psychologically informed group. By participating in the SEE Program you will be able to:

The SEE Treatment Program​ For Emotional Eating​

  • Provides a supportive, educational and psychologically knowledgeable group​
  • An evidence based treatment approach​
  • Learn how to tune into your body​
  • Relearn balanced eating strategies​
  • Regulate the emotions that can lead to dysregulated eating​

Duration: 12-week SEE Program

Webster Groves location: Meets on Mondays, 6:30pm to 7:30pm

St. Charles location: Meets on Fridays, 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Fee: $60 per group or $680 for all 12 weeks

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