I can help you heal overeating…

I use principles and concepts from Ellyn Satter (Eating Competence), Evelyn Tribole (Intuitive Eating) and Michelle May (Mindful Eating)

All three of these professionals use similar approaches. Some of the things we will discuss and cover from their programs include, but are not limited to:

Tammy-Cook-healing-overeatingReject the diet mentality – no more yo-yo dieting

Stop the insanity of calorie counting – it is a waste of time and isn’t accurate

Honor you hunger

Make peace with food

Challenge the “good/bad” food paradigm – shift to food neutrality

Feel your fullness

Choose enjoyable foods and eat it in satisfactory amounts

Take the time to have regular, reliable meals and snacks while being fully present in the moment

Cope with your feelings without using food

Respect your body for its unique beauty and what it can do – it’s truly amazing

Enjoy moving your body – no need to “punish” it with the “E” word (Exercise)

Honor your health instead of obsessing what the # on the scale is

Get rid of the “metal monster” – the scale

Don’t avoid seeing your MD because of your weight

Stop postponing living until you lose weight